-Increase your rearview. Vehicles are full of blind spots. Backup cameras give you a low, straight view of the vehicle's rear that simple reflective surface can't see.

-Make parking a breeze. With a straight view of the rear, parking is much easier. Without cranking your head around or readjusting the mirrors. 

-Add rearview recording. Some backup cameras act like dash cams, recording events during an emergency.

When you put your vehicle into reverse, the backup camera shows what’s happening behind you. Through a display on the dashboard, center console, or rearview mirror, the camera displays a full color, real-time image of the significant blind spot you have behind you. It can prevent you from running into other cars, adults, children, animals, bicycles, and property.

If your vehicle didn’t come with a backup camera, there are plenty of aftermarket systems that can be retrofitted. Most cameras can be integrated with a touchscreen display panel, even if it does not have navigation capabilities. With some products, you don’t need to have a built-in monitor to make use of this lifesaving technology.

Super Vision: It is a camera that needs to have a clear image. The clarity of the picture will be determined by the quality of the camera and the resolution of the display. Just like the camera on your cell phone, clarity is measured in pixels: the larger the number, the better the camera and the monitor.

Waterproof: The camera needs to be mounted outside the vehicle. So it is very important to have high-level housing over the backup camera. Our backup cameras are 100% waterproof which reaches IP68 level.

Wired or Wireless: If you want to buy a wired backup camera, and you need to know the wire length of it. Or if you want a wireless one, and you need to consider the transmission range of it to compare with your vehicle length.

Parking Guidelines: Some cameras will display parking guidelines for added safety. If this is important to you, make sure the camera you pick has that as an option.


License Plate
License plate backup cameras come in two distinct types, both of which mount in the license plate spot behind the car. Some cameras come built into a replacement plate frame that installs over the plate itself. Others are just strapped with holes that fit the existing mounting screws to sit on top of the existing frame and plate.

Spare Tire Mount
We offer spare tire mounting backup cameras, tailored for Wrangler. According to the opening angle of the spare tire, the tire thickness, we design it and produce it.

Tailgate Handle
Just easy to replace your factory tailgate handle with an aftermarket handle with a backup camera. They have the same outlook as your original handle.

Replacement Mirror
Mirror replacement backup cameras feature a built-in display that offers a good view of the rear action without requiring an additional LCD or infotainment panel.

Side Mount
Mounting at the right or left side of your vehicle. For blind areas, it is needed to get a side view backup camera.