Eway, brands in American, has been focusing on after-market accessories for more than 10 years. We are a trusted company with comprehensive expertise in replacement and after-market parts for your vehicle. We are committed to the research of human driving safety, and strive to produce products with good quality and prices acceptable to the public.

We always follow:
Provide a full range of services for each customer and help them to find the right product.
Focus on the product itself, always keep the product quality in a high level, and ensure human's driving safety.
Do our best to benefit customers, so that our products price can be accepted by the public.
In the past 10 years, we have obtained a few of patents in US. Among them, there is 1 invention patent (Patent No.: US 10894515 B1) and 2 appearance patents.
For more details, please visit OUR PATENT.
Product Experts
Eway is composed of experts in most of car accessories needed to improve the use of Ford, RAM, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota or Nissan trucks. They are responsible for the company's new product development strategy, that is, what valuable new products we will provide to the market in the next few years. Also, improve the existed products.
Operation & Customer Service Team
Eway's operation team is responsible for product promotion and event planning to ensure smooth online purchases by customers. The customer service team answers all pre-sales questions for customers, follows up logistics, and ensures the safety of customer funds.
Warehousing Team
Eway's warehouse employees in the United States are a well-trained team. There is a set of standard procedures from product warehousing, quality check, packaging, and delivery. They make every effort to deliver the product safety and punctuality to every customer's hands.
We provide a 3-YEAR WARRANTY for all products, which proves that the quality of our products is trustworthy.
Our production quality follows the standard of MIL-STD-105E. We have a QC team of 24 people with 12 years’ experience. All of the products will run through over 4 times’ 100% testing before being delivered.
Eway has a processing plant with many years of cooperation, various equipment, and a complete and scientific quality management system.